China news and notes

24 03 2010

Hi all. Sorry we haven’t been posting much lately. We’re both really busy with school, our outside classes, thinking about what to do with our lives, and all this wedding business people keep talking about. Anyway, I thought I’d just update you all on what’s going on here.

First off, China blocked Google. I don’t know if anyone has followed the news regarding it, but Google – which is not a huge deal in China, I think being the third-most-visited search engine in China after and some other one – threatened to uncensor all its search results. China requires all search engines to omit topics like T-bet and T-wan and T-men Square and B–bs. So after a few weeks of back and forth on the topic, China kicked them out. We were pretty concerned about it, as both of us use Gmail for email, but so far, all that’s happened is that we now have to access Google via, the Hong Kong server. I know Hong Kong is officially now part of China, but it’s not really, in the great and mystical Chinese way of doing thing. (If you go to Hong Kong from mainland China, you still have to show your passport. I don’t get it either) Our internet doesn’t appear to be affected. Yet. But if you stop getting replies from us, you’ll know why.

Both of us have been sick. You read Missy’s post about being sick a couple weeks ago. Well, I was hopeful I’d get away with taking care of her and not getting sick, but to no avail. I was fairly sick this weekend, which hasn’t been helped by the weather, which has ranged from upper 70s down to mid-30s with wind and rain, the current situation. I feel like I’m getting over it, thankfully, and Missy seems to be all healed up. Anyway, we’re ready for warm weather and t-shirts, believe me.

One thing unfortunate about the bad weather in China is that it brings out all the worst things about Chinese overpopulation and traffic problems. Many of the streets here are alley-sized, so traversing them when they’re covered with two inches of dirty water and a steady flow of taxis and scooters has been a bit trying. And if you’re wondering whether the honking stops in the rain, wonder no longer: If anything, it increases. Lastly, don’t stand near a puddle when cars are driving by! Also, the buses tend to be extremely crowded and slow running when the weather is bad. And the bus drivers don’t seem to realize people are standing on the slick bus floor when the bus is moving…you get the idea.

Anyway, we’re both doing great and finishing up the school year, and can’t wait to see all of you!

Jeremiah and Missy




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