Nail Bar update

17 04 2010

Unfortunately, after all the chaos surrounding the firing of the manager at the jazz bar we played at, we’ve discovered that we’ve been “let go” as well.
Here was the conversation, via the phone:

Bar: Wei? (Chinese way of answering the phone)
Me: Ni hao. Ni shuo yingwen ma? (Hello, do you speak English?) Bar: Wei?
Me: Umm…ni shuo yingwen ma? English?
Bar: Jabber jabber. (The girl had an accent, and my Chinese sucks anyway)

She puts the phone down and I hear more jabbering in the background, then another girl picks up the phone.

Bar: Wei ni hao?
Me: Hi, you speak English?
Bar: Yes. May I help you?
Me: Yes, my name is Jeremiah. My wife Missy and I play at the bar every Friday and Saturday. I play guitar. Jita (Chinese for guitar) Bar: Excuse me one moment.

More jabbering. Woman returns.

Bar: Umm…hello. Your name is David? (David is a guy who plays acoustic covers of, oh, Matchbox 20 songs on Wednesday nights) Me: No, this isn’t David. This is Jeremiah. I play music with my wife Missy and I every Friday and Saturday. Every week. Jazz songs. I play guitar. Jita. She sings. Missy and Jeremiah.
Bar: Oh yes. How can I help you?
Me: I’m calling because I want to know if we still play there. On Friday and Saturday.
Bar: Excuse me one moment.

More jabbering. Woman returns.

Bar: I am sorry, but we have Chinese singer. I am sorry. Goodbye. Me: Uh. OK, so no more playing there?
Bar: I am sorry. Goodbye.

So yeah, that’s it. No more Nail Bar. It was fun while it lasted. We’ll see if they regret it when I burn that place to the ground. Just kidding, Chinese authorities.




3 responses

17 04 2010

you so funny

18 04 2010

Extreme dislike

18 04 2010

I laughed out loud at the burning threat. You should totally do it.

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