Am I losing touch or gaining hours?

18 04 2010

I logged onto Facebook this morning for the first time in 2ish months. It’s a real hassle. You have to find a proxy website (that works!) and then each page take minutes to load. Occasionally, it will suddenly decide you must log in again, just for laughs.

Anyway, long story short- I spent a solid 2 and a half hours on it this afternoon and a) didn’t accomplish much (see the sentence about each page taking minutes to load) and b) was surprised at how little has changed and c) was irritated at myself for wasting so much time.

I’m wondering if I can resist the facebook addiction after I come home. I hope so but, at the same time, how will I know about people show openings, webisodes, or new babies? I think I might get even more aggressive about keeping the friend list lean and mean- I purged about 40 people off of it today. I figure they won’t notice since I haven’t been on that sucker for almost 8 months anyway.

Off to real life now and I might be late because I facebooked through my shower-time allotment.





One response

19 04 2010
Joleen Addleman


Best wishes on your engagement! I noticed on facebook just now and combed your blog to find out when it happened. So now you know I haven’t really checked your blog until now… but now I’m incredibly jealous seeing all your pictures and reading about your travels, so I figure we’re even.

Tell Jeremiah I say congratulations! When is your wedding? Will it be stateside?


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