Clueless Chinese Person Ruining Photo: A Retrospective

25 04 2010

This particular post is dedicated to people in China’s unique and astounding ability to get in the way any time it is blindingly obvious that a photo is about to be taken. I don’t know how they do it, but they are better at it than about anyone I’ve ever met. I salute you, Clueless Chinese Person Ruining Photo. You will be missed. -Jeremiah

1. Missy at Longmen Caves, take 1

2. Missy at Longmen Caves, take 2

3. Jeremiah, boats at Shou Xi Hu, Yangzhou

4. Young lovers on the bridge in Qingdao

5. Hey look, it’s the Temple of Heaven!

6. Mao & the Forbidden City

7. Missy & Theresa pay their respects to Chairman Mao

8. Shaolin Temple

9. Missy’s homage to Clueless Chinese Person Ruining Photo at Ming Xiaoling, Nanjing




One response

14 05 2010

Your blog is great. I’m impressed that your sense of humor, and quick wit has stayed the ever challenged course. You must be having a blast.

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