Qingdao Day 2, 2 and Qingdao Day 3

29 04 2010

5 – Tsingtao Brewery time. We snatched a cab from the castle thing to the Tsingtao Brewery (no one has a good explanation why the beer is spelled differently but is pronounced the same. Jeremiah’s note: It comes from the old European pronunciation of Chinese words and place names – hence Peking for Beijing, Nanking for Nanjing, etc … ) and speak well enough to know when we are being taken for a “ride” to a different place. When we corrected our driver, he did this big show of how we must have misspoke or we must not speak well enough for him to understand … bullshit. Oh well. It’s only an extra $1, right?

Jeremiah is about to enter his dreamland.

Wouldn’t you be nervous near Mystic Yeast?

Beer is a health food! It says so right here!!

That’s alotta booze, friends.

On the tour we got to taste “raw beer”, and we got some peanuts. De-
licious. (Editor’s note: That last sentence was added by Jeremiah) When we finished at the brewery it was only 4 so we went back to the hostel, feel asleep and then spent the evening watching TV and eating delicious hostel food. We ended up not going out on the town either night. We had big plans to visit this shopping district but catching up on sleep won out. Shopping was postponed for our last morning before we caught the train.

We followed our plan and headed down to the pier again to buy pearls. That’s right. I regret to say that we were focused on our task and didn’t take any photos of the dozens of stands with thousands of strands of pearls – every color, shape, size and price. On our way in, we stopped at the sunglasses stand and I bought a pair for 12 quai (1.60.) When we stepped under the tent and started the bargaining game (which I have become EXTREMELY competent at) it became clear that I was out of my league. When their first price for a strand of pearls is 10 quai (1.50) I don’t really have anywhere else to go. If you do the math – this means crappy sunglasses cost more than real pearls in Qingdao.

I got a pair of fat pearl earrings, a strand from my man and a mother of pearl disk necklace thing. We might have bought some presents, but I can neither confirm nor deny this. Jeremiah demanded the first piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen him want or wear.

Yup- that’s a shark tooth carved into the shape of a shark. Talk about meta.

We caught the sleeper train at 2 p.m., and Jeremiah quickly became best friends with the drunk dudes down the hall. They forced beers on both of us and declared that I was the better Chinese speaker. Now, none of you have heard me speak Chinese, but I am not being modest when I remind you that they were very, very drunk.

All in all – Qingdao is lovely. We’d totally live there.

love, Missy




2 responses

30 04 2010


I love the shark! Good choice! No peal pics, so can’t comment on your choices, Missy!

7 06 2010

hey, now. I can attest to the fact that you’re a better speaker. But Jeremiah is the reader. So you’re a perfect pair. Lame.

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