Chinese Drag Show

2 05 2010

Believe it or not, I went to a Chinese drag show. The bars are a little underground because being gay is a no-no here. (So closeted that there’s actually a name for the women that gay men marry (gay-
wives) and support groups because it’s such an epidemic. Anyway, back to the gay bar and drag show.) There were 4 or 5 waitresses who also performed in the show and they are the hottest queens I have ever seen. Chinese dudes don’t have body hair, stubble, height or, ehem, a lot up front, so the effect, when well executed, is simply stunning. See below.

The full set of photos is located here ->

After this number the girls wandered through the crowd with lit candles. One offered me her candle and told me to “essem” her. Come again? “Essem!” and then she poured some wax on her arm. OH!!! SM you! So, friends, in China, S & M is SM and it’s a verb. Don’t forget.

On stage the queens don’t lipsync to disco (DAMMIT!), instead they sing traditional Chinese opera songs in falsetto in traditional opera costumes. Wackadoo!

Luckily they rock evening wear to emcee bizarre contests involving cucumbers, liters of beer, and balloons.

I highly recommend you take in a show if someone lets you in on where the secret clubs are.

love, Missy




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