Chinese museum gift shops continue to amaze.

2 05 2010

There are so many pearls in China that they make them into tacky puppy dog sculptures in Museum gift shops. The equivalent of terrible beach town shell art?

A $5000 antique sword is half-hanging-off the shelf stuck between goofy metal knick-knacks. Yup- 5,000 dollars- not quai.

Porcelain the museum doesn’t need anymore? Pick a dynasty! Any dynasty!

A shoebox of broken porcelain. The big one on the left is $50 so we’re guessing it’s a few hundred years old. The big question is- are these dug up shards or accidents from the warehouse? As I looked at these, I thought, ‘they should really make necklaces or something out of these.’ Low and behold…

My fancy Qing dynasty (1640 something – 1912, she wasn’t more specific) pendant!

love, Missy




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