Tallulah Barkhead, 2001-2010

12 05 2010

Some of you know that my beloved pooch, Tallulah, passed away last Friday. We had known before we left that there was a chance that we wouldn’t see her again, but it seems so cruel that we lost her so close to our return. She had a fast growing tumor in her bladder and she became so uncomfortable that it was simply selfish to keep medicating her until I returned. I thought that those of you who knew her might appreciate a little photo gallery and those who didn’t might enjoy some cute animal pictures.

Tallu was my 21st birthday present. We lived in California at the time.

She moved with me back to Texas to finish college. She often visited campus and became a therapy dog during this time. Lou was also the sole animal in a petting zoo I organized for a summer camp I directed.

At the Millie Bush Bark Park in Houston. Yes, there’s a MILLIE BUSH dog park. Sweet lord in heaven.

In 2004 we moved to Tucson. She was a great road tripper and patient with my demands at photo ops.

At the Alamo.

In the tightly packed car.

In Tucson, she went with me everywhere and endured many humiliations… mostly accessory related.

This was the Christmas I found a bad with a bullmastiff on it. As you can see, Lou is very impressed.

Speaking of Christmas, she was always a staple of my Christmas card.

She also liked to party.




10 responses

12 05 2010

Brought yet another tear to my eye. What a fabulous lady dog she was!!!

Love you,

13 05 2010

I loved re-seeing Tulluah! Thanks for the recap.

14 05 2010

Hey Missy. So sorry to hear about Talullah. From what you’ve said about her in the past, she seemed like a lovely dog and you certainly were a very entertaining owner for her! (I always enjoyed your Christmas card pictures.) Hope you’re okay. Kate x

14 05 2010

Oh, Tallulah….the 2216 E Mabel pack is definitely missing its biggest, reddest, mama bear member. She was a great dog and I’m so glad we were part of her family for a while! Herman and Shelby are sending snuggles her (and your) way, although I’m sure she’d much rather them just leave her alone…

14 05 2010

A gentle soul . I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

15 05 2010
Vitamin G

I was just looking at the Christmas card we shot the other day. What a great model! And you were pretty good , too, Missy!

21 05 2010

She was such a gentle dog–though I did not know her long!! So sorry, Missy!

25 05 2010

so sorry to hear bout miss Tolu. She will be missed…..

26 05 2010

I’m so sorry to hear of Tallulah’s untimely passing. She will be missed! What a good girl!

27 05 2010

Missy- as a fellow lover of pups – i feel for you! big hugs out to you from out here in so cal… 🙂

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