Additional Suzhou

28 05 2010

Suzhou was lovely, as Jeremiah previously stated. Here are some pictures as proof.

We decided to throw caution to the wind and order a fluffy donut. DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisGUSting.

We didn’t try the American Turkey which look very similar. We also avoided Italian Bacon.

The Lion’s Head Garden was busy. People, people everywhere, upstairs and down.

It also had loads of stained glass which we hadn’t seen anywhere else. Don’t know if that’s an authentic recreation or not.

Next was the Master of the Nets garden. The smallest and ‘most perfect’ of the famous gardens in town. It was also the least populated which was a huge plus.

Check out the cool fishing rope window casings.

Jeremiah is holding me back because he thought I was going to jump onto his rock and knock us both into the reflecting pond.

Suzhou has some awesome stores.

Who doesn’t love My Boxshop?!

And the twin pagodas in the overgrown garden (which you saw in Jeremiah’s blog.) Pretty great.

These birds say Ni Hao. We have a video that we’ll try to load!

For a few more (we’re trying to be better editors and keep the photo numbers down), visit




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