Tongli additions

28 05 2010

Now, people, I love my fiance. Desperately. Thoroughly. BUT-
sometimes he just doesn’t put enough photos in his beautifully written accounts of our travels! This is his only fault.

So, let’s revisit Tongli and Suzhou with some visual aids.

Tongli- just as cute as Jeremiah said. You know how I love jumping in photos. I need to put together a whole jumping in China series.

We finally bought a paper cutting. We’ve wanted one for awhile but didn’t see the perfect one in our perusing of gift shops over the past months. I’m delighted that we finally found one that we “know/hope” was made by the artist and is of a place we visited. This is him signing the one we chose of a canal street.

The Chinese Museum of sex was AMAZING. Do not miss it the next time you’re in Tongli. Besides the silliness, it really was the best documented and English labeled museum we’ve been to. A lovely mix of wackadoo modern sculptures, 4000 year old fertility statues and honest representations of China’s sexual customs throughout history. Avert your eyes if your eyes if you’re feeling a little puritanical!

The gorgeous sculpture gardens.

Ancient fertility panel made completely of jade.

Two of my favorite things.

To visit more dirty (and clean!) photos, click




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