The World’s Fair!

5 06 2010

Also known as World Expo: Shanghai 2010. Yes, we went last weekend. Yes, we need to add another blog about it. But, until that happens, take a glancy glance at the group of photos on the flicker blog.

Here are photos of the creepy, 20ft tall, animatronic baby in Spain’s pavilion to wet your whistle.

Happy-ish face.

Chinese people love white babies. The bigger the better.

Those are pretty accurate feet wrinkles which adds to the creepiness. Notice how it’s head is in a different angle in each photo. It moved slowly, back and forth, scanning the crowd in preparation for a murderous rampage.

love, Missy




One response

9 06 2010

i’m so glad i waited until now to comment on the blog, because i can’t imagine anything more worthy of comment than that terrifying giant baby. holy crap.

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