Tour of a Chinese house

5 06 2010

I don’t actually want to devote a whole blog to it, but here are some photos from the apartment where we made jiaozi. I also want to add that Missy and I are fighting over the proper pronunciation clues for jiaozi. She says Geeow-ztah, I say Gee- (as in “Gee Willikers”) Oww-
Dzuh. You may pick whichever you wish, though I routinely have people tell me “Ni de zhongwen bucuo” after I order Chinese food. But don’t let that sway you. Too much.

Chinese living room. Looks more or less like a Western one, doesn’t it? Except cheaper.

In this particular house, they had a flat screen TV in every room. Not bad for two teachers’ salaries, eh?

You may have noticed the wedding photo in the background. They love weddings in China. As a side note, when our host saw that I had a camera out, she turned all the lights on in the whole house so as to facilitate picture-taking. No joke. Here is a picture of me watching our lone English channel, CCTV 9, or as I like to call it, “The Boringest TV Channel Ever.”

One more picture. The girl on the left was our gracious host.





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