More from the Expo

8 06 2010

I just can’t get too excited about a long blog detailing every minute detail of the Expo. Instead, I will talk a little more about it and include some pictures.

Spain (Even with the giant animatronic baby), Denmark (Cool
architecture, plus the little mermaid), Mexico (Mmmm…Mexican food. Fun interactive site), Canada (The bikes are neat), Vietnam (Best small pavilion we saw)

Africa (Lots of Chinese people getting stamps without seeing the sites. Very strange), The Philippines (Good food, music playing all the time), Venezuela (Which is in the South America combined pavilion), Czech Republic (Not much about the country, but interesting art)

Myanmar (Surprise surprise), Iraq (Not open for business), India (Open from 3-8. What?), New Zealand (No stamps unless you have a passport? Boo! Besides that, it was OK)

USA, China, France, Italy, South Korea, the UAE, about 200 others … Sorry, the three-hour wait time is just too long.

A word on the stamps: They had this deal where you could buy a passport-looking thing from the gift shops and get it stamped at all the sites. Chinese people would go around ONLY getting the stamps and not looking at actual sites. Nothing like seeing people scurrying from Mali to Burundi and fighting off fellow Chinese to get all seven of their passports stamped. We felt for the people working as stampers.

All in all the site was great. It was pretty hot during the day, however, and some of the waits were super super long (as detailed above). Here are some more pictures:

1. Riding the bike in the Canada pavilion
2. Spain pavilion
3. Denmark pavilion
4. A line waiting for their passport stamps in front of Zambia





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