Jeremiah Heals The World: Part 153

25 06 2010

OK, my last post on teaching in China. I just wanted to highlight my final few weeks. So for finals, I had the kids meet with me for one minute, where they would discuss something that interested them, in this case, either the World Cup or their favorite movie or song. I liked doing this for the final for a couple reasons: First off, it left me not having to worry about constantly shushing the kids while others gave presentations in front of the class, something that was a big problem in the last round of finals. Secondly, it gave me a chance to evaluate the English level of the kids, which is always fun for me. Anyway, finals went fine. I think only had one girl in all my classes who didn’t take the final. I did have something funny happen, though, where a girl came out and said “I have a secret, but please don’t tell anyone. The song I told you about, I like it because it has the same name of someone in class who I am in love with.” (I’ll refrain from exposing her here on my blog, but the name rhymes with Heephen. Anyway, I thought that was cute, and no, I didn’t tell him when he came out to take the final.

After the finals, I had a class where we played games and the kids signed a little yearbook I bought. I also took a couple photos, the best of which I will attach here. The comments in the yearbooks were funny, so I thought I’d highlight the best of them:

Lucy in Junior 1 said: “Jeremiah is HANDSOME! I love you! I’m your fans!” Alex (Junior 1): “Cross my heart, you are a true favorite teacher. Don’t forget me.”
Annie (Junior 1): “I miss you Superman!” (They do the Superman stuff a lot in Junior 1)
Ethan (Junior 1): “I miss you and your beer.” (I think he meant beard…) O’neil (Junior 1): “If you have some phone number, please call me at my new service. ****3865511. Please don’t forget me. Happy
everyday!!!” (The ‘Happy Every Day’ thing I got over and over from kids)
Amanda (Junior 1): “I don’t want to say anymore, or I will cry. Well I hope you can be happy every day. I will miss you.”
Nucleon (Junior 1): “I hope you can come back and teach next year! And I hope you have a happy marriage!”
Bill (Junior 1): “Mr. Jeremiah: You are a good teacher, my best friend. See you next year!”
Hillary (Junior 1): Next time I meet you, I hope you can be more handsome! P.S. Bring your wife to us!” (Not sure what she meant by the ‘more handsome’ thing, but it’s nothing a bit more hair loss won’t take care of.

The next few are from the Junior 2s, and they tend to occasionally stray a bit more into “I don’t care/I am going to ramble about something incomprehensible” territory.

Amy in 9A: “You look a bit like my uncle, I dare say. Do you know Phaeton?” Annie in 9A: “Happy. I like what I like. Twilight!”
Henry in 7A: “You are your fate. Now it’s showtime!”
Peter Chen in 7A: “I love Chelsea, Arsenal, AC Milan, Lazio, Juventus, Real Madrid, Marseille, Parma, Porto and so on … And of course, Aston Villa. Good luck, Jeremiah!”
Sky in 7A: “Lord. Saint. God.”
Rick in 4A: “We’ll go to another place for Junior Three. We’ll go back someday, I miss you.”
Crossing in 4A: “Government. YK. SC. Forever deep.”
Jessica in 3A: “Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. Good … every day. Happy every day! We all love you. Our teacher.” (This was followed by a picture of a potted sunflower with a beard wearing sunglasses)
Selena in 9B: “To be open to international understanding in a modern world while maintaining your/their Chinese soul. You have nothing to say. Bingo!” (Is she dissing me? She’s totally dissing me, right? Oh, the first part is the school slogan. But after that? Totally dissing me.)
Teddy in 11A: “You can call me by my new English name, Stephanie. Jeremiah, I’ll miss you. I still want you to come back. Will you remember me?? Hope you have a wonderful holiday. And we’ll always keep the faith.”
Miranda in 1A: “You are a very wonderful man. This is my email address. I hope you can send email for me.”
Elle in 1A: “I like India, Spain, Brazil … and AFRICA! They are wonderful!” Bill Pan in 1A: “I see you everywhere. You inspire me a lot. I’m glad to communicate with you.”
Cyndi in 1A: “I like you very much! And I like Super Junior!” Henry in 5A: “Hi Jeremiah. I’m Henry, the one who always plays mobile in class. I hope you can enjoy yourself.”
Wendy in 5A: “I think you need to be thinner. And you have more hair than me.” (Oops Wendy, I accidentally changed your final grade to an F. Sorry!)

There were many more responses, some of them very sweet, but I don’t want to bore you with 300 more.

Lastly, here are some pictures:
1. Class 4A, Junior 1
2. Class 5B, Junior 1
3. Me with some students from class 9A, Junior 1
4. Class 5A, Junior 2

Good luck, kids!




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