Hong Kong, Day 2 or, Missy writes the blog she promised to three months ago.

3 09 2010

I hope my notoriously poor memory serves me.

I believe the day I’m blogging about is June 18th or, the day the world met Missy. Yes, folks, it was my birthday. Wahoo!

Pearls are cheap and enormous in China and Jeremiah bought me a gasp-
inducing, extra long, loopy strand in Yangshuo and gave them to me today. We also found a crazy fake pearl headband number after leaving the Fins the night before that I declared I NEEDED as a birthday present. Is one’s 30th the Pearl birthday? It happens to be my birthstone (which I don’t give a crap about) but we’ll pretend that the giving of pearls was perfectly planned.

My beautiful headband number.

The other super fun thing about our attire today was that Jeremiah ran out of shirts and we bought him a super cute Hong Kong t shirt at the night market. He had to wear it today making him “one of those tourist guys.” I thought he could pull it off as ironic.

In this photo, he’s also wearing his $20 prescription sunglasses from a post a few months ago. As the Chinese students say, “So coooool.”

In the two photos above, we’re on the famous Hong Kong Star Ferry. 2 or 3 quai (details escape me 10 weeks later) for a 20 minute trip across the Harbor. They’ve been running since the turn of the century. Highly recommended views. And highly recommended avocado sandwich at the Subway at the North terminal. The Fins had given it a glowing review and, if you recall, avocados are impossible to find in mainland China. I needed a birthday fix!

This a ferry passing a cruise ship. Oooo… Ahhh…

We hopped on a bus to the Victoria Peak to take the famous tram. It was steep. It was fun. The top is really, really touristy. Like, we couldn’t find our way out of the mall-like structure you land in once you get to the top. But, getting lost in the mall-like structure helped us find the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where we met Bruce Lee.

Nice package, wax dude.

The plaza at the top is a mess of restaurants, video billboards and a starbucks with this disgusting offering.

Imagine a cross between pudding and jello at the bottom of your coffee. We tried to find it back in Nanjing but it’s a Hong Kong specialty. Not getting one is still one of Jeremiah’s greatest life regrets.

We easily avoided the crowds by walking the trail at the top of the peak. Westerners don’t like exercise and we passed a person every 10 minutes or so in the 4 mile loop. People live up there so there were also neighbors with dogs and work out equipment as demonstrated by the monkey below.

The flora and fauna was very well labeled (and in English! What a treat!) and I found my new favorite plant, the stem-fig. The shiny, waxiness doesn’t come through in the photo. And, they’re enormous, which is how I like all things beautiful.

Everything on the peak was ridiculously expensive, even for Hong Kong, so we headed off to the World’s Longest Escalator. Restaurants in every language and patrons of every heritage were tossed on either side. It was really exciting to think about what our dinner options were. As you know, we get excited about food.

My sexy boyfriend (at the time) on one of the many stages of the World’s Longest Escalator.

We stopped and had a beer and cider for happy hour at a British pub where Jeremiah could catch up on some soccer footage and then walked and escalated back down again. We stumbled upon a section of steep street that had to be named Drag Queen Alley or Theatrical Road because of all of the costumes, boas, and sequins. HEAVEN!

I bought a sequined appliqué of a panda talking on the phone. I would have bought more but I was hungry. Don’t worry folks, you’ll see the panda at our engagement party in the near future.

For dinner we had a pair of great burgers and beer at a place we accidently found. We were the only patrons, which was a shame. I had a wacky falafel burger that I loved. So nice to find a legit vegetarian meal! Birthday miracle.

On our way to the harbor light show that evening… guess who we ran into AGAIN! Yup. Our friendship is meant to be. Sirpa, Laura and Kirstie are our serendipitous friends for life.

SO! The Harbor Light Show. Hilarious. Vegas. Tacky. Fantastic. We got ice cream. Did you know Hong Kong has a Mango Drumstick?


Imagine terrible electronic music and these buildings flashing.

On our way back to the hotel, we passed the Hong Kong cinema Walk of Fame.

Jeremiah with Chow Yun Fat.

All in all, a great way to turn 30.

the elderly, Missy




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