Missy and Jeremiah are two late-twenty- or thirty-something Americans who decided to shake off the shackles of our imperialist, capitalist overlords and join the Chinese people’s revolution. That and we heard you can pick up some cool trinkets there, which is worth the trip, if nothing else.


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5 07 2009

That Missy sounds awfully exciting. Too bad she can’t figure out how to post things.

10 07 2009

Or DID she….?

6 05 2010

Hey there Missy! I didn’t focus on the blog idea until now, but just did some major catching up with your life. How do I subscribe to your blog? Do tell….

Much love from Arizona – please let me know when you come to visit!


8 07 2010

Missy (& Jerimiah),

I went to feast about a month ago and Dean gave me your blog address. I found it again in my purse when I was cleaning it out in preparation for vacation and decided to skim it over. I couldn’t. I had to read the whole thing start to finish even though I’m supposed to be packing and getting ready. I’m so thrilled for your upcoming marriage and so happy you had such an adventure. I’m also way impressed at how well you did and how brave you were. Woohoo!


22 07 2010

Hi there. You don’t know me, but I’m a future English teacher in China. I found your blog by typing “Nanjing Health School” into google, haha. I can’t find a whole lot of information about the school and they have offered me the same position that you had last year, it seems. I was hoping that if you weren’t too busy you could maybe answer a couple questions I had about the job and the apartment, etc? Don’t worry about it if you can’t, I got a lot of useful info from your blog (which was also very fun and amusing).

Thanks very much!

23 07 2010

I can do that. Email me at constructingtowers@gmail.com.

23 07 2010

I don’t think he read your comment correctly! You want MY email address- missypaschke@gmail.com. I’d be happy to give you the low down and a phone number if you’d like a chat.

4 12 2010

In your article “First Full Day in Shanghai is a hot, wet success” you were by the Bund and you ran into a brewery playing Destiny’s Child… that brewery could not possibly have been “Shanghai Brewery”, which is located far away from the Bund area of Shanghai. There is a microbrewery by the Bund called “Bund Brewery”. From your description, you ran into Bund Brewery and had some drinks and french fries there.

Shanghai Brewery is a new microbrewery (grand opening was September 8, 2010), located in the Hongqiao area of Shanghai, in the West of the city. Shanghai Brewery is also a full, high-quality restaurant, the two head chefs worked at the Four Seasons and Intercontinental Hotel for many years. And Shanghai Brewery is a sport bar, with 4 large screen projectors and 15 flat screen TVs. Also, I should add that the music at Shanghai Brewery focuses on guitar-based tracks as opposed to pop or hip-hop. And Shanghai Brewery has NEVER had a singer with a karaoke backing. It is always either a full live band or a DJ, but never karaoke-backed singing.

We would appreciate it if you could please change the name of the brewery you wrote in your article to reflect the correct venue, which was Bund Brewery.

And we welcome you to visit the real “Shanghai Brewery” in the Hongqiao district of Shanghai the next time you are here. The website will be ready by Christmas 2010. Shanghai Brewery’s brewmaster is an American who has many years of experience creating beer recipes. We are quite sure you will find at least one or two kinds of brews to your liking… currently Shanghai Brewery offers 6 kinds of hand-crafted micro-brews including IPA, Weissen, Pilsner, Stout, Porter and Amber Weissen.

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