A Christmas miracle… of speed.

19 12 2009

I’m not one to brag but did YOUR sexy boyfriend just build an IKEA bookshelf in record time?

Seriously, people- he started when Rosemary Clooney got pissed at Bing because the housekeeper misheard the plan for the General’s Christmas surprise and was done by the time the anorexic tween ballerinas were unveiling the snowfall during the big White Christmas finale! What a mighty good man- yes, he is.

As you might have guessed, we ventured back to ‘egia’ (IKEA) today. The goal was to pick up large picture frames to put our Shanghai acquired posters in.

This is one- ain’t it great?!

We’ve invited a passel of people up to the old homestead/teeny apartment for Christmas Eve and wanted to spruce the place up a bit. Unfortunately, the frames were the wrong size and we didn’t feel like cutting down the posters but we did end up with a bookshelf (which I’ve been hankering for since Day 1.) We found one for about $20- $5 cheaper than the same one of the US Ikea site and it’s ready for books and our few knickknacks once we decide where we can squeeze it.

Here it is next to our inflatable turkey which will hang on the wall for the duration of the holidays. (Thanks, Sarah!)

While we were headed to the checkout they had a Christmas display with wrapping paper, ornaments and electric menorahs (any western holiday tradition is a-ok!) I walked around a bit and realized I didn’t truly ‘need’ anything but was suddenly slammed with emotion. Seeing holiday decorations that weren’t a weird Chinese imitation (rendering them ironic and, therefore, ignorable) pulled on my heartstrings enough that I had a take a moment to catch my breath… i.e. I hid behind Jeremiah and told him to not look at me for a second. Luckily, he’s used to my new flashes of emotions (am I turning into my mother at 29?) and gently let me pull myself together so the check-out girl wouldn’t be startled.

In exciting Christmas news- I’ve got more pictures of crap to show you. There’s loads of pictures of the weird holiday stuff decorating the downtown area on Flickr. They’ve been up for a few weeks but I keep forgetting to mention it. I found out yesterday why there are light up Tiggers on columns everywhere- next year is the year of the tiger. Of COURSE the Chinese would embrace a western cartoon character to celebrate!

I also made Christmas stockings. We went to the fabric market two weeks ago with our friends, Paige and Ryan. Jeremiah spotted the teddy bear with the machine gun among hundreds of patches and demanded it for his stocking. Eagle eyes.

The vigilante Teddy Bear joins us in wishing you a Merry Christmas!

love, Missy