More meat, as promised.

5 01 2010

I took this one as my bus stopped by it. I’ve been eyeing this set up in front of a restaurant for a month now. The first time I spotted it, I almost got off the bus to snap a photo. Make no mistake, there are two rows of sausages, each double deckered and with a partner. That’s 16 poles of sausage, friends! I still have a teeny fantasy about getting Jeremiah and I in a picture where we’re standing in the middle…

To mix it up a bit, this display has liver (lung?), chicken thighs and fish sides. You might recognize this wall from the previous meat post. Yes, our security guard loves hanging his meat out.


Meat- it hangs from everywhere!

28 12 2009

I gave you guys a teaser last week about the copious amounts of meat that are now hanging from every available spot. We now have photographic proof. Jeremiah and I both asked people about the hanging meat and it took them a minute to register what we were asking about. Isn’t it obvious that when it’s cold meat should hang outside to make room for other things in the refrigerator? Hel-LO!!!

This was taken right in our apartment complex on the first day the outdoor sausage appeared. It’s by the security guard’s apartment and startled me enough that I fished my camera out of my purse to get a picture. You’ll notice that this was also the day that it snowed in November.

Since that day, the snow day, meat (mostly sausage) hangs from every available spot. This sausage is hanging across the street from one of the restaurants on our street. I hope no one planned on walking on the sidewalks this winter- sidewalks are for meat now.

In the past few weeks non-sausage meats have also started popping up. The pork sides seem to be dehydrating and getting browner by the day- on purpose.

If you look hard at the higher apartment, you can see blankets and sausage sharing prime hanging spots in the photo below.

I’ll keep you posted as more or different meat starts appearing with the seasons.

love, Missy