You got your problems, I got my Hash Pics.

18 12 2009

Jeremiah paying his fine… in beer drinking.

Our friend, Clio, and Missy in her X-mas gear. I even wore red eyes to get into the holiday spirit.


Making a Hash of things

17 12 2009

So this past weekend we participated in our first Nanjing Hash. Basically what it is, is there is a group who meets once a month, maps out a trail that goes some way through Nanjing, then all the runners (or walkers) follow the trail, which eventually ends up at a Western restaurant in town. It’s a good workout. This particular one took 2 1/2 hours.
Anyway, we heard about the hash through our friend Clio, a teacher at a university here in the city. We had to pay a fee, but the deal is, if you pay the money, you get to have an all-you-can eat dinner (including drinks) so it works out pretty well.
The hash is less of a run and more of a scavenger hunt. They have a group of people who decide on a trail, then go ahead and mark it for the people who are participating with chalk and little piles of flour. So when you actually get on the trail, you have to watch for arrows and stuff. This means that there is a decent amount of spots where everyone kind of mills around and tries to figure out where the trail goes next, and it’s usually through some neighborhood in town. There was also a healthy bit of the trail where we were climbing over slippery rocks or ducking between overgrown vegetation areas. We did get to see a little bit of the city wall, which is always cool. There were, oh, 40ish people who took part, so we got to chat a little bit with some fellow Nanjing residents, mostly teachers. It always amazes me how many people live in China while being blissfully ignorant of the language and people. We met a few people who had been in China for over a year and spoke NO Chinese. How can you even do it? They aren’t the first people we have met – the guy we met in Shanghai who had been in China five years and had a Chinese wife, yet spoke no Chinese takes the cake – but I’m especially surprised when it comes to teachers, because you’d think that it would actually help them teach a little bit by learning Chinese. But I digress, I guess.
Anyway, the trail looped around, and we ended up at Swede & Kraut, the restaurant where we had Thanksgiving dinner. Considering that we paid less for the hash than we did for Thanksgiving, it was a pretty good meal. Actually, more or less the same, except this time, free beer! Once everyone got situated, the organizers of the event called special people up where they were supposed to down a small cup of beer for doing bad (or good) things during the event. I was called up twice, but I won’t say why in case we convince anyone who visits to participate with us. We spent the rest of the evening dining and occasionally chatting with Missy’s many aging creepy Western suitors, as well as trying to find a man for Clio.
All in all, a good time.
I’ll post some pictures when I’m on the computer with the pictures. -Jeremiah