Jeremiah and Missy meet JM and Liz

12 09 2009

So I know all of you, our dedicated blog followers, are probably wondering what happened the other day when we met JM and Liz, the couple with the small boy who we found on a blog and agreed to actually meet in person. This was Wednesday, by the way. So I had talked to JM (Short for John-Michael) a couple times via email, and we set up Wednesday as the day to meet. Because he teaches Wednesday evening, and their son Leo isn’t a night owl, we agreed on 5 pm at the Hunan Lu sign. Missy has class until 5:30, but she said she’d just take a taxi to Hunan Lu (the main restaurant street in Nanjing) after she got out of class. So I took the bus to the metro stop and then caught the metro down to Hunan Lu. I was a bit early in hopes of getting a 30 RMB coffee at Starbucks, but Liz and Leo showed up before I was able to spot a Starbucks. When she got there, we chatted briefly, then she told me that JM was on the way down. He called shortly thereafter and announced that he was waiting at a different Hunan Lu sign, and not the giant gaudy one with a dragon we were waiting under. So Liz, Leo and I walked over to an area where a group of kids were playing, and he, being a ball of action, started racing around and trying to get into every restaurant he could find. Incidentally, Chinese people LOVE kids. I know everyone loves kids, but in China, all the grandparents dote over any kids in a really amazing way. You could drop off a random baby on any Chinese street, and if you drove back by 30 minutes later, I guarantee there would be 10 grandmas fighting over who got to let the baby ride on their shoulders until the parents showed up. JM showed up shortly thereafter, and after browsing the menu of a few different
restaurants, we decided on a Korean place and settled in to order some food.
Since we had met up and chatted, we didn’t really start eating until closer to 6, which gave Missy a chance to at least start to head down toward Hunan Lu, and she called soon to say she was almost there, and that she might not have enough money to pay the cab, so I ran outside to try and find her. But she was alright, and we returned to the restaurant and all sat around and chatted a bit and ate Korean food. The three of us, minus Missy, shared some beef and onions that were grilled, and we had two bowls of rice and vegetables. It was tasty, though perhaps not a huge, huge meal. After we finished eating, we all walked out, and JM had to leave to go teach a class, so Liz left as well, and Missy and I had ice cream cones at McDonalds.
So how were JM and Liz, you ask? Well, really nice, actually. They got back into Nanjing (they are working on their second year here) on the same day we got in, and they said they were struggling with
re-adjusting to life in China. JM is a teacher at a school here, and Liz is taking some Mandarin classes and taking care of Leo. Both of them speak better Mandarin than us, but that’s no shock really. They also offered, kindly, that we could call them if we ever needed help with anything. Something we will probably take them up on. But in a friendly way, of course.