Job-hunt update

2 07 2009

So at this point, it looks most likely that we’ll be moving to Nanjing. Missy was offered a position with a school in Nanjing, albeit a different one than we thought she was applying for. It’s not ideal – the pay isn’t exceptional, and they told us that they would not offer an apartment stipend (the apartments they have are on campus.) In addition, the school specified that the apartment was for her and her only. In talking to our recruiter (a woman named Echo who works for the government, hooking schools up with English teachers), she said that we could move in, but sort of hide it from the head of the school. We’re not willing to do that, so at this point, we’re still in negotiations, if you can call it that. As for the pluses the school offers, it’s downtown, which is a nice location, we wouldn’t have to worry about furniture/utensils, etc…, and it’s a government school, which is generally considered safer than working for private schools. I’m still waiting for a job offer from the Nanjing Normal School, though it’s possible one might come tomorrow. It’s a little confusing discussing it with the recruiter, partly because of the language gap, and also just because it’s not completely clear what they’re looking for. If we can secure either some sort of apartment stipend, or at least find out that living in the apartment is no problem – and that the apartment is large enough, we’ll probably accept the job(s) outright. In the event that they won’t meet us on those conditions, we are still likely to move to Nanjing, just because it’s considered a cool city for ex-pats to live in, and I’m sure that it wouldn’t be that difficult to get another job offer. The picture at the top on the title bar is Nanjing.


In addition to the Nanjing schools, we have both been offered positions in the previously mentioned city of Lianyungang. It’s not a huge city (about 1.5 million), and it’s about 90 minutes north of Nanjing on the coast. I don’t yet have a lot of information on the school, but I’ll talk to the guy and see what I can dig up. If it was a good offer, and the Nanjing ones were not, we might consider it, though the city isn’t quite what we’re looking for.

At any rate, either route will be a good one. We’re just looking for the adventure, which will happen one way or another. More news when I get it.

Here is a picture I found on someone’s blog of Lianyungang, though obviously there is a lot more to the city than this:




28 06 2009

I’ve never used Skype, and neither has Miss. P, but apparently that’s how we’re being interviewed for a position at the Higher Normal School (or something along those lines) in Nanjing (pronounced NAWN-JING). We’re both hoping that this interview is successful and results in us getting a job offer or two. Missy is interviewing tonight, and I’ll be interviewing on Wednesday, thanks to my job schedule.

In addition to this, I’m supposed to get a call from a school in Xi’an (pronounced SHE-AWN), one of the older cities in China. We also have a guy in Lianyungang (pronounced LEE-AHN-YEN-GAHNG, so far as I can tell) which is a city close to Nanjing and Shanghai. Xi’an is further west; probably the equivalent of living in Kansas City to Shanghai’s Richmond, Va. Anyway, hopefully we’ll have an offer this week. Wish us luck.

Until then we have lots of little errands to get done – phone calls, selling stuff, disconnecting stuff, etc… – and my parents will be in town the weekend of the fourth to pick up some furniture and junk I want to keep but see no reason to take with me (lots of band memorabilia, some books,  pictures of Vin Diesel with his shirt off, etc…). After that, we’ll need to work on shipping out some of her stuff and painting my floor (don’t ask) among other fun moving-related projects.

Six weeks!