Things Missy forgets to tell you about. Number 17

12 09 2009

This will be my new, occasional, catch-up post. I keep realizing that I might have forgotten to tell you about things that have already happened. As many of you know, this may also mean that you get the same story told you to you twice. Just got with it.

17- This is the story that Jeremiah mentioned waaaay back when we first got here about the drama at the train station from Shanghai to Nanjing. Basically, it’s the only time that I almost melted down. We had to use the red cap service to haul our 8 bags from the waiting area to the train. They came and loaded them onto this mini truck and only let one of us go. Jeremiah had me hop in and said he’d meet us at the train. The little guy drove me around the station and up to the train, waving to people along the way (I felt like Bette Davis in an old movie or something) and was dropped off at the first car in front of this huge train. He started loading the bags into the car and there are some people on the train, but no Jeremiah. Keep in mind, this is all happening very quickly. The doors are about to close and still, no Jeremiah. I am almost hysterical running worst case scenarios in my head. Remember, we do not have cell phones. We do not have a home to meet at. We have no idea where we are or who we are supposed to meet. The man on the platform tells me I have to decide- in or out- because the train is LEAVING. I decide to stay on, because at least JW can find me at the train station in Nanjing. The train starts chugging away and I am almost in tears. Suddenly, I see down the aisle that a large man (in comparison to the other riders) in a hat is struggling through the people a few cars away towards my car. I have never been more relieved. I run down the aisle and greet my favorite American who tells me they pushed him into a car about 10 back and told him to walk forward. All’s well that end’s well.