Zhongguo Zai Jian! (Goodbye, China!)

26 06 2010

Well, we’re off in 12 hours. We’ve been naughty about updating the blog in the past two weeks so there might be some residual catch-ups (not that any of you will care or check but we have a sick desire to complete the task.)

As a goodbye present for all of the wonderful people on our street who we buy food and drinks from, fix our shoes, wave at us, etc. etc. we printed out some “greatest China moment” photos with a thank you message (Thank you very much! From your laowai friends.) We gave away four on our way home and they earned us enough guangxi to live with free room and board if we return and 2 free nai chas to enjoy immediately!!) Seriously, they were a Twilight sized hit.

At the Ming tombs in Nanjing.

At the Temple of Heaven.

In Yangshuo.

In Yangzhou.

In Qingdao.


The end is nigh… and passion fruit.

21 06 2010

In keeping with my previous post, I’ll catch you up to date and introduce you to a new favorite fruit.

Today we are going to an engagement/wedding party being thrown for us by our Nanjing friends. The theme is Made in China and prizes will be awarded for the best Chinese costumes. I found a sequin appliqué of a panda talking on a telephone in Hong Kong that will attach beautifully to my new silk cocktail dress. Pictures soon.

We need to recap our trip from last week but I’ll tide you over with my new fruit obsession-
Purple passion fruit. For 1.5 quai (25 cents) the lady lops the top off and hands you a spoon. AMAZING!!!

And, just for fun, look at this little guy after a hard day helping his grandma in Yangshuo.

love, Missy