3 Days more days in Tucson. Next up is the epic SW roadtrip.

30 07 2009

Big thanks to Jeremiah for carrying the burden of this blog. Today I’ve decided to update for the sole reason of putting off packing. Here’s the latest news.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning is our 2 hour garage sale. Everything left is going to the curb and I’m alerting the free page on Craigslist.

Sunday afternoon we’ll be holding court at Barrio Brewery from 3-5 to give hugs and take advice. We pull out of town on Monday and will be in New Mexico with Jeremiah’s family for a few days and, sadly, leaving Hercules with his kitty foster siblings. Early Thursday morning we head out for the marathon drive to Houston. We’ll unload at my mother’s place and apply for our visas on Friday. We’ll spend a few days at my dad’s place up near Fort Worth. Daddy’s excited about taking Jeremiah up in the helicopter and plane. I’m excited about the pool. Jeremiah is excited about the Busch Light. That last one might be an exaggeration.

Back down to my Mum’s in Houston for some quality Mum and sister time/careful packing before leaving bright and early on Tuesday, August 18th.

We’ll arrive on Wednesday in Shanghai and will hang around being tourists until the 22nd. Jeremiah’s job provides a dorm room and it will be ready for us on the 22nd. My job’s apartment won’t be available until September 1st so we’ll get to make-up for the college romance we never had.

That’s all I’ve got. I know my writing style is a little uninspired this evening. Please forgive my first blog and write it off (ha!) due to extreme stress and garage sale worry.

-Miss P.