A good, old fashioned, Chinese wedding

10 09 2009

Today I came into my office after lunch and found a man in the room surfing the internet at the desk across from me. Kathy, the English name of the desk’s owner, introduced him to me as her husband. I thought nothing of it. A few minutes later she passed a red, passport looking book across the room to Nicole, another office mate. When I looked up Kathy smiled and said, "We got married today!" and passed me the book. It contained a smileless photo of the two of them in the clothes they were currently wearing. I realized Nicole was holding some sort of laminated, wallet sized, marriage ID card that had the same severe photo and Chinese writing. They explained that they went alone to the marriage office (this is normal) this morning, got married and that the party will be at a later date. They aren’t even moving in together until next year… maybe.